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Put your puzzle skills to the test and prove you are a strategy master.

Swampy is a puzzle game that allows you to help its main character guide water to his broken shower. You will have to find the best way to move the pipes and master your pipe skills to become this game’s best player.

Each level challenges your physics’ expertise as you will have to cut through dirt to get clean, dirty or toxic water as well as steam. Every drop of water you get counts and will help you exceed. The game counts with 4 stories and characters which are Swampy, Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck, each with different challenges for you, resulting in more than 500 puzzles.

You can advance in the game by getting Collectibles, winning Challenges and playing Bonus Levels to collect special items tailored to each of the characters. If you choose Swampy’s story, you’ll have to help this sewer-living alligator to get water on his shower. He is curious, friendly and loves to take a good shower after working all day under the city.

If you’re looking to expand your creativity levels, choose Allie, the creative alligator. Your mission is to help this funny and artistic character to get the steam she needs to play her unique steam-powered musical instrument. She is going to be a big star one day!

Cranky is always up for a good meal but refuses to eat his algae. Your mission is to use the dirty purple water to clear all the greens from his plate so he can enjoy his yummy food. Lastly, Mystery Duck will have you managing time like a pro. He teleports and timing is key to master this storyline, which counts with MegaDuck and cute baby Ducklings.

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